Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per month to run a miner?

The hosting fee is based on kilowatt (kW) and it is $102 USD for hosting a kW monthly. There is a minimum of hosting 10kw monthly. The hosting fee includes security, monitoring, facility rental fee,electricity, Internet, and cooling.

Some examples are as follows:

  • Bitmain Antminer S9: ~1.4 kW → $142.8 USD/Month (188.98 CAD/Month)*
  • Bitmain Antminer D3: ~1.2 kW →  $122.4 USD/Month ($155.12 CAD/Month)*
  • Bitmain Antminer L3+: ~0.85 kW →  $86.7 USD/Month ($109.88 CAD/Month)*

What are the hosting packages and what is included?

  • This is a reservation for a hosting contract in one of our Mining Centers
    • Miner Hosting USD/CAD:
      • $98.63 USD/kW + $31.55 USD setup fee (one-time) → $130.18 USD ($165.06 CAD)*
      • Antminer S9:$98.63 USD @ 1.4kW + $31.55 USD setup fee (one-time) → $169.63USD ($215.08 CAD)*
      • Antminer L3+:$98.63 USD @ 0.85kW + $31.55 USD setup fee (one-time) → $115.38 USD ($146.30 CAD)*
      • Antminer D3:$98.63 USD @ 1.2kW + $31.55 setup  → $149.90 ($190.07 CAD)*

What is included in the setup fee?

  • Unboxing, setup and provisioning of miner
  • Internet access
  • Ambient cooling
  • PDUs (Power distribution units)
  • All switching and routing equipment
  • Ethernet and Powering Cable

Mining Pools

  • You may always use your pool of choice when mining with us

What are your prices per kilowatt hour (kWh)?

  • On average S9 units cost approximately $0.19 per kWh*
  • On average L3+ units cost approximately $0.12 per kWh*

What is a kilowatt-month (kW-month)?

  • A kilowatt is 1000 watts or 1000 joules/second. A kilowatt-month is 1000 watts used (constantly) over the period of a month.

Do you provide VPNs?

  • On request we provide VPNs to clients who host 150+ miners with our facilities

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Bitcoin Payments
  • International wire transfer (please contact for details)
  • All hosting services are provided at a minimum length of 1 year, with the first 3 months requiring payment upfront.

Is there an agreement to sign?

  • Yes, there is an agreement that must be signed to protect both the customers and ourselves

Are there duties?

  • There is a 5% duty upon entering Canada
  • There is also a 9.975% QST
  • Clients are responsible for the payment of all relevant fees and taxes

Where are you based?

  • We are based in Toronto, Canada. All Miners are set up in Quebec, Canada

Where are your data centers located?

  • Our first data center (Block 1) is located in Baie-D’Urfé, Quebec, Canada
    • Availability - SOLD OUT
    • 500kW capacity sourced from hydroelectricity
  • Our second data center (Block 2) is located in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Quebec, Canada
    • Availability - Now taking RESERVATIONS  
    • 2MW capacity sourced from hydroelectricity

Do I pay for shipping my miners to your data center?

  • Yes, delivery of equipment will be made by the customer at their own risk.

How long does setup of miners take?

  • Setup time ranges from as short as 1 day to 1 week depending on number of units being installed.

What is your uptime guarantee?

  • 99.9% is our typical up-time.
  • We offer refunds for months of service lower than 95% up-time if the downtime is due to our systems.
  • Malfunction or broken miners will be returned to customers at our discretion and shipping is customers responsibility.

What is your capacity? Do you do work with large customers?

  • We will accommodate MW+ customer sizes.

Can I host GPUs?

  • Yes, however hosting GPUs is a custom request and will require you to contact us beforehand to discuss setup

Can I swap hardware mid-contract?

  • We do not allow exchange of hardware mid-contract.

Do you provide power supplies?

  • Customers are required to provide a power supply that is 80-Plus Gold rated with active power-factor-correction.

What happens after the contract ends?

  • You may choose to renew your contract or have your miners shipped out of the facility


*Subject to change